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An affiliate – quite simply – is somebody (you) who promotes an existing product. An affiliate will sign up to a certain programme, and will sell the products(s) from that programme (be it books, electronics, clothes, seminars, etc).

As an affiliate you will be paid a commission on every sale you generate.

Online Affiliate Marketing is HUGE. In 2007, the affiliate industry worldwide earned $9.5 billion.

Tens of thousands of affiliates make money everyday, and thousands of people have quit their day jobs to become full time affiliate marketers. It is a good business to get into, because you do not need any experience to start, and you can make good money by selling other peoples’/company’s  products.

A good example of an affiliate program is Commission River Agent (formally known as Cognigen Networks). Commission River Agent is the affiliate marketing department of Commission River Inc – a company that is dedicated to providing quality InfoTech and telecommunication products to consumers worldwide at affordable prices. The Commission River product ranges from cellular phones, call credit cards, international roaming SIM cards, VoIP, credit cards, computers and accessories, security products, satellite TV, Internet broadband and VPN, to mention but these. You can see a full list of the Commission River products by clicking here.     

The Commission River Agent is an affiliate program I love so much because it has:

  • a proven Organization that has successful track record and a distribution system and a compensation plan that has been successful for years.
  • a business opportunity you can succeed with, believe in and share confidently with others.
  • ongoing, long-term educational programs to develop your marketing skills as an Agent. They unlike other similar companies provide full training and support for Agents/affiliates.

I signed up as an Agent a couple of months ago and since then; I can proudly say ‘the gains is worth the time and effort invested’. Commission River is a hugely successful business. You can get involved and sell their products if you want, by signing up here to become an affiliate (Commission River Agent – but it is the same thing as affiliate). After signup, you’ll be given a personal website. Then, through YOUR own website, you will sell whatever products you like of Commission River’s.

This works well for both parties; Commission River benefit because they have thousands of other sellers/Agents marketing their products. And the Agents benefit because they have quality products to sell and earn substantial commission from. 

If you are looking for new and creative product(s) to market then Commission River the right choice. With over 15 years of experience in internet marketing, they know how to bring you the products and tracking technology needed for your success.

Millions of people already make money online; there is no reason why you can't. With a strong desire to succeed, your passion in what you are doing and the right money-making strategies/programs, you will find that you can make a fortune working from your home. Affiliate Marketing is the best way for anyone to get started making money online.

Once again, you can sign up for the Commission River affiliate program here.  

For questions and further enquiries, I can be reach on:

Phone:        +234 803 557 0752

Skype:        hemansworld

Yahoo chat: commissionriveragent



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